Finding a Good ENT Doctor
On: 10/06/2013   |   By: Christie Tanner   |   Under: Voiceover Info   |   Comments: No Comment

Finding a good ENT can be tricky for a voice talent. You want someone who understands that this is how you make a living and not just that you’re annoyed by allergies or a cold. If you don’t have a good ENT, ask other voice talents who they recommend in your city. A few years ago I asked Susan Bennett (voice of Siri) who she went to. At the time, she had heard good things about a particular doc and I felt comfortable with him at the appointment. He even did my son’s adenoid removal and sinus surgery shortly thereafter.

I have been plagued by tonsillitis and tonsil stones all my life and he and I agreed that tonsil removal at this late date could jeopardize my career. I learned that a WaterPik aimed at your tonsils can do a world of good in clearing up tonsil problems (gently, not aggressively) and that acid reflux is really the enemy for a VO talent. I didn’t even suspect I had acid reflux until I began to ask him about my throat clearing routine in the mornings. Yes, friends, acid reflux can cause the perpetual need to clear the throat and can lead to sudden hoarseness or loss of voice. We will address natural and lifestyle changes that can help the reflux on another day!

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