Laryngitis Dos and Don’ts
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For a voice talent or a singer, losing your voice means losing work, disappointing clients and massive frustration! When you lose your voice or it’s going down
hill, here are  few things to avoid:

  •  Tea with lemon and honey-The tannic acid and citrus acid from the lemon is hard on your throat by causing dehydration and acid reflux
  • Hot toddy-Alcohol is dehydrating and not so great for your immune system
  • Whispering-stresses the vocal chords
  • Throat clearing-stresses the vocal chords

Best thing for healing your voice:

  • Voice rest (this is truly difficult for many of us who are talkative naturally)
  • Water, water water (drink it, use a humidifier or inhale steam)With the winter months ahead of us, the best way to avoid sickness is old-fashioned soap and water. Wash your hands frequently if you are around sick people or in public places and carry a hand sanitizer if you’re traveling. If you start to feel a sore throat coming on, start with a homeopathic remedy like Oscillococcinum, Cold Calm or the Zinc remedy, Zicam. More on homeopathics and your health later. Water is magic!


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