Holiday Travel Tips for VO Talent
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These holiday travel tips come from renowned Atlanta physician, Dr. Donald Dennis who has helped people suffering from sinus issues and recommended to me by Atlanta VO talent, Susan Bennett.

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It is that time of year when we leave home to visit friends and family. For those of us with fungal allergies who stay in homes and hotels that are not as mold free as we need them, we can suffer real misery. So we want to share a few quick tips that can help you through this holiday season.

1. Take 2 Thymate capsules 3 times a day. This product combines Thymus replacement (which is your immune system’s fuel) and multiple vitamins. This supplement keeps your immune system strong to help prevent you from getting sick.

2. Wash your sinuses twice daily. 
This is basic to your everyday health, but we often forget this when we are traveling.

3. Clean the room you are sleeping in with EC3 Candles and EC3 Mold Solution as soon as your arrive. This will give the candle time to work before you sleep. (HINT: Use a travel size mister for the Mold Concentrate Solution and don’t forget the matches…)

4. Wear a Wein Mini Mate Air Purifier under your clothing during the day or while traveling in contaminated aircraft or other vehicles. This product is not a filter but an Ionic Purifier. It creates an electrical field around you and particulate that floats into the field pick up an extra electrical charge making it heavier so it falls to the floor before you can breathe it in.

5. Take Sinus Defense with you just in case you develop sinus problems.
 This will speed your recovery.

The Citri-drops are lifesavers for VO and Radio folks, plus the Neti pot or Sinus Rinses are ideal for getting rid of germs in the nasal cavity. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Christie Tanner Voiceovers!

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